Monday, December 28, 2009

My gift for my Grandparents!

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We did! I am so thankful that we were all healthy and our whole family got to be together once again this year. I am so blessed!
I wanted to share a present I made for my grandparents this year.
I used a shadowbox frame and then glued some things in it that remind me of Christmas at their house. I put a pic of the 2 of them in the kitchen cooking like they always do on Christmas Eve. :) I also put a bingo card in it. We always play Bingo before we open presents. That has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. I also put a pic of the tree with all the presents. Then the E is a monogram for their last name.
In the middle I bought a white plate at Walmart and I wrote down all of the food we have every year at Christmas. I really enjoyed this project. It is full of wonderful memories! They really liked it alot. My Papa has already hung it on the wall beside of the chair he sits in all the time. Just wanted to share.

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