Monday, March 8, 2010

Blog Awards.....see if you are tagged!!!

I have been lucky enough to be tagged by for a Blog Award!!! I am so excited since this is my first time being tagged.

Blog Award - See if you're tagged!

The Rules

1. List 6 things you are a master in.

2. Pass it on to 6 master bloggers you think make blogging so awesome

1. I am a master at texting! LOL I do it WAY too much!

2. My kids would say I am a master of cleaning...they say I clean too much. I can't help it...I don't like it when things are a mess.

3. I am definitely not a master at it but I love to sing!

4. Not a master at Crafting yet, but I am having alot of fun finding new things to do in the house.

5. I am a master at Cuddling with my kids. I love them so much!

6. I am a master of watching TV! lol I have sooo many shows that I love to watch.

These are some of the blogs that I LOVE.... So, I am tagging.....


Kim -today's creative blog said...

That is so sweet, Thank you. But I hope you'll forgive me for not playing along. I barely have time to get all my features out the door.

I am however going to teach you to link. I didn't always know how and was thrilled when I learned. You could have written Today's Creative Blog. High lighted it, then clicked on what looks like the little earth with sunglasses next to the "T" for text in your blogger toolbar. Click on that, then enter the blog address for Today's Creative Blog in the area it gives you. TaDa! Now the word Today's Creative Blog will be the actual link. Good luck and thank you again.

Amber B. said...

Thanks so much! I am flattered, considering I have been a complete slacker blogger lately. haha!! :-)

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Thank you so much! I'm a TV watcher too! (My DVR is full.)